MMB’s relationship commitment:
Optimising the value stream
of your developments



 Our 3 Golden Rules for the manufacturing success your model

1/ Active listening in order to fully understand your ambitions and constraints: identifying your objectives, assimilating your processes, taking aesthetic preferences into consideration, respecting the timing and taking budgetary restrictions into account. We devote time to this initial stage, which is essential to the smooth running of the overall project.

2/ Quick response to your specifications or rough manual to develop, with you, all the solutions involving technical options – stereo lithography, powder sintering, vacuum moulding and use of the most suitable materials – perspex, resin, polyester or metal. We assist you in your choice, so that you obtain the best value for money.

3/ Shortest production lead times possible and we keep to them, in order to enable you to invest your development time in validation testing and product staging, which remain the best performance guarantees for your innovation.

Exclusive Premium Service: Careful transportation and daily delivery throughout the Paris region.

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